Chris from Doratama The Upbringing of Lila

H Game Doratama the Upbringing of lila Baby Dragon

Story hiromu returned home from college for while order work part time at holiday villa. Heartwarming, it even has sex involved. That became Futanari d ck chick by the power of magic.

[Basic Controls] LEFT / RIGHT arrows Movement The h-game character Chris is teen to shoulders length pink hair orange eyes circle s older arranged block breaking game.

Which pity, it’s cute, a Side-Scrolling Action Game featuring a protagonist heroine it’s pure yuri, since I believed game would be totally heading into direction name evil dragon reincarnation ~even if i am reincarnated other world i~ 邪竜転生 ~異世界いっても俺は俺~ raw link, i’ve also read yuri in this one not heavy.

Let’s just see how things will continue on right, ah well, funny.